When he sees me..

This song can explain my outlook on dating strangers, online dating and my general regard/fears of relationships.  I relate so well to the lyrics and the weirdness, I'm surprised its taken me so long to hear this song! It feels like something I would write, apart from the Oreo section...*eats cookie whole, dunked in milk* [...]


So this is Goodbye.

I've been wanting things to go my way for so long.. for these faces to love me. I just keep getting missed in the process. I think it's truly time to stop wishing for the past to come back to me and to work my way to a happy future, the people who are meant [...]

Moving on is harder to do, when the one that you love moves faster than you. 

When I talk about a "he or him" it's the same person that I've been holding onto for five years. I have had connections with men before him and after him but nothing ever came of it. Mostly I wonder if I'm holding on because I'm not sure of what could've been or what was. [...]

I Love…

Musicians: Elton John, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Queen, The Rolling Stones, Bob Marley,  James Taylor, CCR, Coldplay.  The smell of matches and fireworks. Sunsets. Full moons. Clear starry night skies. Night drives. Lemon flavored deserts. Extra Polar Ice bubblegum. Ice cold water. Dr Pepper. The beach at night. Sad love songs. Adventures. Waterfalls. Road trips with MUSIC! Tacos and Burritos. Blue [...]