Please don’t tell me β€œwho I am”.

I hate when people try to tell me who I am Acting like they are the ones who get to categorize my character based off their own insecurities. Today a female colleague of mine said to me in front of a small group of people, "You are mean, you just act nice to throw people [...]


Never take friendship personally.

I saw your Dad and sister the other day at the store and I was so worried because I knew I'd be invisible again if you were there too. I know it happened over a year ago but.. It hurt me that someone I thought was my friend ignored me in a very public and [...]

Moving on is harder to do, when the one that you love moves faster than you.Β 

When I talk about a "he or him" it's the same person that I've been holding onto for five years. I have had connections with men before him and after him but nothing ever came of it. Mostly I wonder if I'm holding on because I'm not sure of what could've been or what was. [...]