Rant about…Nightclubs or Living?

I hold few things in this world close to me. There are somethings if I can help it I will never share with other people unless I care for them, such as: If I hangout with you on my day off it's because you are important to me. I hate spending my precious time doing [...]


When he sees me..

This song can explain my outlook on dating strangers, online dating and my general regard/fears of relationships.  I relate so well to the lyrics and the weirdness, I'm surprised its taken me so long to hear this song! It feels like something I would write, apart from the Oreo section...*eats cookie whole, dunked in milk* [...]

Please don’t tell me “who I am”.

I hate when people try to tell me who I am Acting like they are the ones who get to categorize my character based off their own insecurities. Today a female colleague of mine said to me in front of a small group of people, "You are mean, you just act nice to throw people [...]