“That’s a fact!” – Uncle David

It’s hard to believe I won’t see his face smiling at me again or ever hear him talk or laugh. I won’t be able to roll your eyes at his dumb sayings or catch phrases and I will not again feel how special it made me feel when he was finally proud of me, sobbing like a baby, that I got my first car or started college all on my own. It’s hard to understand how someone who completely annoyed me also meant so very much to me. That must be where his daughter (my cousin/ my best friend) got it from. I miss the conversations we had and movie marathons he made me sit throughIMG_1863 and just the time I got to be with him. He was a blessing in a lot of people’s life and the whole time he thought we were helping him out.

Things that make me miss him include : the syfy network, redbox, menthol Marlboros in the green box, when someone says waz up, breakfast food, the yellow smiley face, tall skinny men with limps, the saying “God is good all the time”, Laughing so hard you cry and LSU Football.


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